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September Student Spotlight- Chris Lloyd

If you have been to Studio K2G at all since we opened there is a high likelihood you have met our September Student Spotlight Member: Chris Lloyd. Chris has been a student at Studio K2G since the day after our doors opened. No joke he has attended 215 classes in the eight months since he first walked in! His dedication to his yoga practice and now to attending our Build & Burn classes is exceptional. However, what we love most about Chris is his desire to and effort to get to know each and every one of YOU! Chris makes an effort to learn each student’s name, to greet them by name and to make them feel welcome at the studio. He always comes in with a smile and is ready for whatever the workout or yoga practice will bring him. We asked Chris to share a little bit about why he has chosen to make Studio K2G his yoga home. See what he had to say:

My experience with Studio K2G is sprinkled with serendipity. A few months ago I had the good fortune of moving to Bradenton which is when I first met Kelly who was starting a new studio. (There is something very special about entrepreneurs in the wellbeing space and Kelly is no exception). My initial interest was to find a place where the yoga instructors challenge their students and promote their growth on and off the mat. And Studio K2G is that sort of place. Curiosity led me to try Build & Burn, the HIIT class. HIIT was new for me and out of my comfort zone. With Kelly’s help, I discovered that this is a perfect complement to a disciplined yoga practice. While I struggle with the Build & Burn classes, it is in a positive way and I can see the progress since incorporating HIIT into my fitness routine. In summary, the time we have for self care is scarce. You want to make it count. Kelly and the Studio K2G team consistently deliver on positively enhancing one’s overall wellbeing. Which probably explains why so many certified yoga instructors and others interested in fitness are attracted to Studio K2G. Thank you Kelly for creating this space where friends can gather to work out!

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