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Whether you are a regular yoga practitioner or only come to our HIIT classes, chances are you are led through at least ONE plank pose each time you make your way to your mat. Let's make sure that you are properly aligning yourself so you can build strength and be sure you are safe to avoid injury. Follow these steps then check out our instructional video on YouTube for a visual and ways to modify by following this link:

STEPS to a proper plank:

1. Start on hands and knees in a table top position. Keep wrists directly under shoulders. Create a lot of space between the fingers and actively press the floor away.

2. Keep eye gaze a few inches in front of the hands to keep neck neutral.

3. Draw navel to the spine to brace the core and step feet back, hip width distance.

4. Keep one long line through the body, from heels all the way through the crown of the head. Avoid letting hips drop & low back sag and avoid pressing the butt up.

5. Broaden across shoulder blades as you press down through the bases of index fingers.

6. Feel the tailbone reach towards the heels as the thighs engage and stay strong.

7. Hold and BREATHE.

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