• Studio: K2G

How to Baby Cobra Pose

Are you looking to improve your alignment in cobra? Not sure IF you're doing the pose correctly?

We have created a how-to video just for you and have uploaded it to our YouTube page. Follow the link (https://youtu.be/IZ0TPO8Dwow)

to check it out for yourself and check out the pointers below:

1. Fingertips spread wide slightly behind your shoulders.

2. Keep tops of feet firmly rooted to the floor.

3. Press down into tops of feet and pubic bone.

4. On an inhale roll the shoulders back, engage lower back, no weight in the hands, and lift the chest off of the floor.

5. Broaden through the collar bone, keeping eye gaze slightly forward to keep the length through the neck.

6. Exhale lower back down, forehead to the floor.

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