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Client Spotlight

Since we opened on December 31st, 2018, we have been blown away by the committed, motivated and hardworking students we have had walk in to the studio. We all come to class for different reasons. Here's why Tom comes:

Meet Tom. Tom has been a student since the very first day we opened! Every time he comes in the studio he works HARD! He is a great example of our philosophy, “a well-rounded approach to yoga and fitness.” Below are Tom's words about why he comes to Studio: K2G:

"My name is Tom and I am a Bradenton local who works out to stay fit. I compete in triathalons and ski when I can find the time. Studio: K2G has been a great place to round out my training. Outside the run/swim/bike routine, my workouts had become stale and monotonous. Standard lifting didn’t seem to be helping me achieve any of my goals. From my first class at Studio: K2G I knew I had come across something special. Classes focus on both strength and balance, while never being the same twice. This has the benefit of keeping things interesting while improving functional performance. I have been to both Build & Burn and Power Flow on multiple occasions and would recommend both.

Unlike other fitness classes I have taken in the past Kelly is constantly focused on the participants ensuring that they have good form and making subtle tweaks when necessary. I always feel like the time spent at the studio was an investment in my body when I walk out the door."

If you are ever in a Build & Burn class with Tom we challenge you to keep up! Side note: Tom makes pretty delicious desserts

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